Brazil Fashions

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Brazil was a Portuguese colony for over 300-years before claiming independence in 1822. This large South American country still speaks Portuguese as their predominant language, and the citizens who are descended from African slaves are still treated as a part of their lower-class systems. In all social classes, care is demanded in dress codes, and extreme attention to details is required by those who wish to claim a proper home.

Understanding the Brazilian Bikini Craze

Brazil is a country that is widely known for their scantily clad beautiful women and men on the beach. This country boasts a 73.6% Roman Catholic population that do not all live on the waterfront. The fashions in Brazil are more involved than the simple minimalistic beach styles that are photographed so often. Those beautiful bikini-clad girls on the beach are still often accompanied by the traditional male family escort until they are married.

Female Business Attire in Brazil

Women make up 40% of the Brazilian workforce while occupying most of the lower-pay positions. In 1988, the laws were changed to make it illegal to discriminate against woman. However, all old traditions are hard to change. Business attire for all classes of women include meticulously manicured nails, carefully arranged hair, make-up applied with care, and business-elegant or feminine clothing that will speak well of the family.

Employment positions in Brazil are often attained through family connections. Females who are in the workforce are always dressing to display a respect to all extended family members. Feminine attire includes jewelry to match each outfit, tasteful hair clips, and the ability to harmonize all accessories to match the main garment color-tones. Brazil has a tropical environment and light colored clothing is often in vogue.

Male Business Attire in Brazil

In Brazil, men who are in business often dress in business-formal attire daily. Dark two-pieced suits that are accented with lavish cufflinks, upper-quality watches, and a flashy wedding ring can speak well of individual and the extended family. Executives often wear a full three-piece dark suit at work to denote rank during all weather conditions. Men from Brazil have manicured nails and they wear the latest fashions in eyewear.

When Brazilian business meetings take place, eye contact is required by custom. Men are concerned with their facial appearances while they are out in public. Part of the cultural expectations requires each business meeting to include informal discussions about family and friends to ensure a trusting environment. When a Brazilian man pulls a wallet out of his pocket to show off pictures, this wallet will be made of the softest leather available.

The Sexy Brazil Jeans

It only takes one glance at a pair of Brazil jeans to know that the woman inside of those jeans is beautiful. Unlike other jean fashions, the Brazilian jeans for women are elegant garments that take care with every detail. In Brazil, the jeans are designed to highlight a perfectly curving seat. Legs are tapered and decorated in intricate ways that slim the overall appearance. These fashionable blue jeans are worn with the traditional warm weather halter-tops that show just enough skin to be alluring. As with all other forms of dress for women in Brazil, each blue jean outfit is carefully selected and accessorized to be ultra-feminine.

Brazil Fashion in Recent Years

Brazil is like all other countries on the planet. After the Internet arrived on the scene, it is now possible to see fashions from all parts of the planet mixed into the traditional Brazil wardrobe choices. However, this is a country that clings to their immaculate appearances and trendy clothing choices that highlight individual positions within their social-class structures. Brazil may have the best dressed citizens on the planet.   

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